14 reasons to read – In the Footsteps of Rama by Vikrant Pande & Neelesh Kulkarni

In the footsteps of Rama

Ramayana or “Rama” “Ayana” literally means Rama’s progress. In this one line from Bibek Debroy’s blurb about the book, he truly sums up the spirit of this mythological travelogue, which retraces the route of the Ramayana.

Historical fiction and mythology have become common genres of writing. We have had the same story from different perspectives which makes it more interesting to read. Yet, there are few titles which make us travel to the places that an epic has traversed.

Have you ever wondered what life would be in the age of our epics like The Ramayana? We may have wondered innumerable times if they existed at all. It all began with a question which went unanswered by over a hundred people that inspired the authors Vikrant Pande and Neelesh Kulkarni to set off on a journey to retrace the steps of Rama during his exile. They realized that most people know the Ramayana quite well, yet have never given much thought to the places mentioned in it. The book acts like a friendly guide which helps one discover the places mentioned in the Ramayana as also uncover the numerous tales associated with it.

Here are 14 reasons on why you should read this book. An unusual number you may wonder – but it signifies the 14 years of exile of Rama. Though there are many more reasons to read this book in this age of Kalyug, which is defined by listicles, it is perhaps best to stick to 14 points about the Treta yug.

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5 things to keep your Mind Happy

How to stop Overthinking in 3 minutes – By Dr. Saloni Singh


How to Stop Overthinking in 3 minutes by Dr. Saloni Singh

“Thinking is your natural power and Mind is your best asset” – the opening lines sum up this fantastic book by Dr. Saloni Singh. Concise and crisp, simple and practical is how I would best describe this short book.

Simply worded, with simple tools and steps which we can implement in our daily lives towards a calmer and happier being is what it emphasises. There is no short cut of course and the onus lies on us, using the power of our mind. When she says that you need to relax and be with your mind to see what happens – it sounds a bit unbelievable – yet when you try it – it works.

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Reading could be a secret weapon for successful entrepreneurs. Finding the right book can be tough. Time and money are the most valuable to you as an entrepreneur. Choose those books that are definitely worth the time spent on reading.

Reading is one of the simplest and fastest ways of learning from the experiences of others. The most popular way to get new information was and remains is a book. There is no perfect idea as there is no perfect book after reading which you may surely succeed.

If your goal is to create a highly successful company where you call the shots, you could possibly start with the following books which would be extremely helpful and beneficial as a startup entrepreneur.

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